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Hot Sale China Famous Brand 21 Ton SY215 Medium Excavator CE Cheap Price Small Excavator

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Hot Sale China Famous Brand 21 Ton SY215 Medium Excavator CE Cheap Price Small Excavator is the perfect solution for all your excavation needs. This powerful excavator boasts a 21-ton capacity, making it perfect for even the toughest jobs. Equipped with an advanced engines, this excavator is not only powerful but also efficient. It delivers optimal performances with minimal fuel consumptions, saving you money in the long runs.

Built to last, with durable quality and construction materials that ensure its longevity. Its steel framework is high-strength provides added protection against use and tear, while it’s reliable hydraulic system assures you of a smooth and efficient operation. This excavator is easy to operate, and you will effortlessly adjust the settings for maximum productivity with its advanced electronic systems.

Made with safety and comfort in head. Its cab is spacious offers of room for operators to maneuver around comfortably, as well as its ergonomically designed settings allow it to be easy to utilize even for long periods. With its top-of-the-line security features, such as for instance an emergency stop button, backup alarm, and camera system, you are able to be confident knowing that you are dealing with a machine is safe.

Versatile and may be used for an assortment is wide of. This excavator are designed for all your needs with simplicity from digging foundations to landscaping. It is perfect for used in construction sites, mines, and even farms. This excavator is great for employed in tight areas and can easily maneuver around obstacles with its compact size.

A reasonable choice for those searching for a powerful and excavator is efficient. As being a CE-approved product, you are able to be sure it a dependable and safe choice for any job that it meets all the required safety standards, making.

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Product Overview

China 22Ton 20 Ton Hydraulic Excavator SY215C With High Efficiency

Upgraded load-sensing hydraulic system can match the engine perfectly with no excess flow loss, which is more economy. With three major structural parts upgraded and optimized, it is more reliable and durable. Large Euro Ⅲ high precision fuel strainer equipped with oil-water separator, filter area is 1.5 times larger than the same size of other models.

* The cab is equipped with large high-strength stalinite,which provides wide view.
* Reinforced boom,arm and bucket to ensure powerful digging force in harsh conditions.
* Full open hood is easy to troubleshoot the engine and other parts.
* Optional break hammer and pipeline.quick coupler,rotary driller,hydraulic vibrating tamper are available.
* The highest breakout force on the loading end is leading the industry by 15%~20% compared with like models.
* The advanced structure and hinge points on the digging end and the industry’s largest rotating angle of the bucket ensure strong soil holding capacity.
*If you need further information, please contact me via email and I will send you the detailed configuration in pdf format.
Product Paramenters
Rated power
Operating weight
Bucket capacity
Bucket digging force
Arm digging force
Total length
Total width
Total height
Boom length
Arm length
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Hot Sale China Famous Brand 21 Ton SY215 Medium Excavator CE Cheap Price Small Excavator factory



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