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Christmas and New Year celebrations


On December 28, 2023, in a joyous atmosphere, EONMAC Group ushered in the Christmas and New Year season at Hutaoli Music Bar. At six o'clock, the red banner representing EONMAC was hung in the air, everyone sat on the carefully arranged seats, and the venue became a festive haven......

The party kicked off with the beautiful singing of the bar singer, the atmosphere became lively, the air was filled with laughter and applause, and the rhythmic beat injected infectious energy into the night, laying the foundation for a night of celebration.

The dinner was an exquisite fusion of Eastern and Western cuisine, satisfying the different preferences of the employees.  During the dinner, the host also brought various WeChat interactive games, adding an element of friendly competition, attracting smiles and cheers from colleagues, and cultivating a sense of unity.

The stage became a canvas for talent within the company, with colleagues showcasing their musical performance skills. General Manager Dennis’s excited speech expressed his gratitude for the collective achievements in the past year, and also ignited the spark of expectation for the bright prospects in 2024. As everyone raises their glasses, EONMAC Group bids farewell to 2023 and embraces the unlimited opportunities that are coming.