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Housewarming Ceremony and Award Ceremony


The housewarming and award ceremony held by EONMAC Group in Shanghai on May 8, 2024, was very spectacular.  The event brought together guests, partners, and employees to commemorate an exciting new chapter for the company.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony kicked off the ceremony, ready to bring good luck.  Next, the leaders exchange red envelopes filled with symbolic gold, symbolizing abundance and prosperity.  Finally, the performance ended with the "Lettuce Picking Ceremony", where the lion picked lettuce and threw it to the crowd, symbolizing the spread of wealth and good luck.

The event featured a traditional lion dance performance, adding cultural richness and symbolism to the occasion.  The six lions represent different departments of the company, and each dance conveys wishes for prosperity, success, and happiness. Accompanied by rhythmic drums and cymbals, the lion dance mesmerizes the audience with its elegant and agile posture.  Colorful lions prancing and jumping fill the air with excitement and joy, setting a joyful tone for the celebrations.

Following the show, EONMAC Group took the opportunity to recognize and recognize outstanding employees for their dedication and contribution to the company’s success.  Their hard work and commitment were met with warm applause and heartfelt congratulations.

The celebrations continued with a sumptuous banquet, including various delicacies including cakes, fruit, and champagne.  Guests gathered to celebrate the continued success and prosperity of the EONMAC Group in its new office space.

As the world's leading exporter of construction machinery, EONMAC Group's housewarming event not only demonstrates its commitment to excellence but also highlights its appreciation of tradition and culture.  The event was a testament to the company’s strong values and vision for the future.

With renewed energy and enthusiasm, EONMAC Group looks forward to leaving its mark in the new workspace and continuing to provide first-class services to customers and partners around the world.  I wish EONMAC Group more success and development!