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2024 RICHMCHN Ningxia Plug Upstream


On June 1, 2024, RICHMCHN ushered in its annual group building tour, this time to Ningxia. Ningxia is located in the northwest inland of China, the climate is mainly temperate continental climate, sunshine intensity and day and night temperature difference is large.

On the first day, we went to Yinchuan Shuidonggou Site, which is the earliest Paleolithic site excavated in China. We learn about the Paleolithic Age and human origins through panels, artifacts, sculptures, and phantom images. In addition, in the sunken exhibition hall of the museum, you can experience the production and life scenes of ancient humans 40,000 years ago, such as hunting, entertainment, sacrifice, and bonfires. I also experienced the shock scene of heavy rain, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions when the disaster came. Each simulation is particularly realistic as if we were experiencing it ourselves.

On the second day, visit the Helan Mountain rock paintings, which belong to the national Key Cultural Relics protection unit and are the art gallery of Chinese nomads. The tour guide told us that they chiseled the scenes of production and life on the rocks of Helan Mountain to express their yearning for and pursuit of a better life, reproducing their aesthetics, social customs, and taste of life at that time. Everyone stopped and looked. In the afternoon, we went to the Tengger Desert camp. The desert stretched as far as the eye could see. We rode camels, played desert surfing bikes, self-driving karts, and skied sand. These several play projects are very exciting, everyone's face is filled with a smile, accompanied by the sunset, very warm ~

On the third day to watched the desert sunrise, sunrise shining on the desert, very beautiful. Then visit the desert stone AB pavilion, after visiting Shapotou - a national 5A scenic spot, the scenic spots in the tourist area are quite numerous, setting the vast desert, the turbulent Yellow River, tall and straight mountains, green oasis as one, both show the beautiful scenery of the south and no lack of good scenery of the north. Return to the city in the evening for free activities, and enjoy food.

On the last day, we went to Zhenbeibao Film and Television City, located in Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, which is one of the three major film and television cities in China and the only famous film and television city in western China, and is known as "a marvel in China". Here is known for its simplicity, primitive, rough, desolate,
It is famous for its folk characteristics. More than 100 film and television works have been shot here, which have won international and domestic awards, such as "Wrangler", "Red Sorghum" and "Yellow River Ballad".

This trip to Ningxia was very pleasant, we personally felt the spectacular scenery of the northwest region of the motherland, and everyone's mood was cured, and more enthusiastic about the next work. Looking forward to the next RICHMCHN group-building trip!