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Competitive Price Bulldozer Crawler Bulldozer Dozer DH17

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Brand: Richmchn Machinery

Richmchn Machinery is proud to introduce its product which is latest in the bulldozer line, the Competitive Price Bulldozer Crawler Bulldozer Dozer DH17. This product is great for heavy-duty work with construction, agriculture, and mining with exemplary features and traits that meet up with the demands of customers. The DH17 bulldozer can tackle any ongoing make use of ease and precision featuring its state-of-the-art energy and durability.
The DH17 bulldozer features a robust and frameworks that are reliable crawlers which guarantees tractions that are exemplary durability that is long-lasting. It boils down with a motor this is certainly effective enables it to supply performance this is certainly outstanding even in the toughest environments that are working. The engine is specifically manufactured which will make fuel that is certain is high and low emissions, which makes it a machine this is certainly environmentally friendly. Moreover, the DH17 bulldozer comes with a system that are advanced are hydraulic you with precise and settings this is certainly reliable. This implies you're able to operate the devices with simplicity, also in most likely the most circumstances that are challenging.
One of many significant great things about the Competitive Price Bulldozer Crawler Bulldozer Dozer DH17 is its rates which are competitive. Unlike comparable gears into the markets, Richmchn Machinery offers an even more prices this is certainly affordable compromising its quality and effectiveness. This cost-effectiveness can make it a choice this is certainly perfect smalls and enormous companies alike, providing them along with the possibility to possess dependable and equipment that is high-quality is heavy their operations.
The DH17 bulldozer has its own very own other benefits in additions to its features that are impressive rates being competitive. As an example, it takes maintenance this is certainly minimal that will help reduce expenses which are operational increases its lifespan. Additionally, it boils down with safety features such as a control that are intuitive and a backup camera, supplying operators with an environment this is certainly working is safe.
Overall, the Competitive Price Bulldozer Crawler Bulldozer Dozer DH17 is an investment that is excellent any business that calls for equipment this is certainly hefty. Its reliability, durability, and gratification this is certainly impressive it a premier choice for companies. The combinations of Richmchn Machinery's expertise and philosophy this is certainly customer-oriented that the DH17 bulldozers meets the best requirements of excellence, rendering it an opportunity that are wise any business. The DH17 bulldozer is a great solution for the entire heavy works needs along with its competitive prices and functions that are enhanced.

Products Description
Engine model: WP10G190E354
Net power(kW/hp): 127/170 @190
Dozing capacity (m3): 4.4(Semi U Blade);4.5(Straight tilt Blade)
Operating weight: 17500kg(Traction frame included)
Operating weight: 18900kg(ripper included)
The brand-new full-hydraulic DH17 bulldozers adopt the dual-circuit electric-control static-pressure drive system that could
intelligently match the change of load, and could perform the loaded and pivot steering, featuring the high working efficiency and the low fuel efficiency. The working equipment is controlled through the hydraulic pilot, easy and sensitive. The damping and sealed cab has large room, featuring safety and comfort. The modular structures enjoy the low ratio of failure and easy maintenance.
DH17 bulldozers are mainly applicable for backfilling of the earthwork and for transporting of other bulk material in terms of roads, railways, water conservancy, soil development and factories. This machine has excellent performance due to the small slewing radius. The DH17, DH17L, DH17F and DH17R are of hydraulic – driving 170hp bulldozers, where the DH17 is standard bulldozers.
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Competitive Price Bulldozer Crawler Bulldozer Dozer DH17 manufacture
Competitive Price Bulldozer Crawler Bulldozer Dozer DH17 supplier
Competitive Price Bulldozer Crawler Bulldozer Dozer DH17 manufacture
Competitive Price Bulldozer Crawler Bulldozer Dozer DH17 details
Product Paramenters
Model & type
Top Brand VP10G190E354(CHINA II) Top Brand ViD1 0G190E214(CHINA I)

Gross pover
140/1 88/1900 KW /HP/rpm

Net pover
127/170/1900 KW /HP/rpm

Piston displacement
9.726 L

Number of cylinders
6 -126 X 130 mm (bore X strolæe)

Maximum torque
900 N·m@1400-1 600 rpm
Electronic control

Traveling pump (Rexroth)

Traveling motor (Rexroth)

Traveling system pressure
42 Mpa
Travel speed

Carrier rollers
2 each side

Track rollers
7 each side

Width of track shoes
510/610 mm

203 mm
2 way bhydraulic pilot control +1 way electric bhydraulic hybrid control

Maximum pressure
21 MPa

Working pump (Parker}

Main valve (Hydrocontrol)
Blade type
Straight tilt b lade/ Semi-U Blade

Dozing capacity
4.5/4.7 m3

Blade width
33 88/3400 mm

Blade height
1149/1200 mm

Maximum drop below ground
520 mm

Maximum lfting height
1010 mm
Ripper type
Three shank ripper

Maximum dgging depth
475 mm

Maximum lift above ground
570 mm

Maximum tilt
460 mm



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