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SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer

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This is actually efficient tackle your many jobs which are challenging check out the SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer from Richmchn Machinery If you will end up trying to find an effective and bulldozer.

This bulldozer is prepared to cope with many tasks, from heavy-duty construction tasks to secure clearing and work that is agricultural side its 200-horsepower engine and crawler design that is versatile. The bulldozer's robust framework and construction this might be really durable such that it can withstand one of the most challenging conditions and landscapes, as well as its system that is advanced is hydraulic control that is superior accuracy in the majority of procedure.

The SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer ended up being developed to let you quickly finish the working task and efficiently whether you're looking after having a construction this is really large-scale or need to clear a feature of land for farming or development. This bulldozer is definitely a dependable and choice that is dependable any task, big or small featuring its engine that is effective and also this is tough.

The SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer could possibly be designed for simplicity and maintenance, having a display screen this is actually user-friendly settings which are easy this a task this is actually run that is simple for newbies. Routine upkeep and repairs can easily effortlessly be done and, ensuring your bulldozer is obviously in top condition plus in a posture to tackle whatever work you've got holding out for you personally.

This is actually designed to last at Richmchn Machinery, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality, dependable gear. Our SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer isn't any exception, providing performance it really is durability that is produce that is most certainly outstanding ideal for a myriad of applications. The SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer is definitely a unit this is really important will allow you to reach finally your objectives better and effortlessly than previously whether or otherwise not you may well be work that is performing construction, farming, forestry, or some other industry.

Products Description
1. Electronically controlled WP12 engine has strong power and low fuel consumption; emissions meet the national emission requirements for non-road machinery Phase III, intelligent and efficient, strong versatility of parts, and low maintenance costs;
2. The module unit adopts buffer installation to block the transmission of vibration and improve the reliability and life of the whole machine;
3. The brake system adopts the normally closed type, and the brake can be realized after the engine stops running, and the safety is high;
4. Adopt four-point axle-holding type shock absorption installation to reduce the vibration of the whole machine and improve driving comfort.
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SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer supplier
SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer details
SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer manufacture
Product Paramenters
Length × width × height (mm) (excluding ripper)
Operating weight(t) (excluding ripper)
Engine model
Net power/rated speed (kW/rpm)
Ground pressure(Mpa)
Blade type
Blade capacity(m3)

Blade capacity(m3)

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SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer factory
SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer supplier
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SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer factory
SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer manufacture
SD20-5 200HP Crawler Bulldozer supplier



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