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11-30-XCMG Excavator Debuts At 2023 Indonesia International Mining Exhibition


Recently, XCMG excavators appeared at the Indonesia International Mining Exhibition with a variety of products, which received enthusiastic responses from customers at the exhibition. The Indonesia International Mining Exhibition is Asia's largest mining, construction, and truck exhibition. It has been successfully held for 21 times and enjoys a high reputation in the entire industry. The exhibition has always attracted leaders and participants in the global construction machinery industry, and has extensive influence in Indonesia and even the entire Southeast Asian market.


There was an endless stream of customers at the scene, and XCMG's lion dance performance with unique Chinese characteristics attracted many customers to stop and watch, fully demonstrating the unique charm of the Chinese brand. 


Mrs Sufenia, a customer who visited the XCMG exhibition area, said: "XCMG is one of the largest exhibitors at this exhibition, with a wide range of products, especially in the mining field to provide customers with one-stop complete solutions, allowing us to have more Choice. I own an XE690DK excavator myself, in addition to some other tonnage models. With the help of this exhibition, I have a deeper understanding of the XCMG brand, which makes me confident in my cooperation with XCMG! "


This XE690DK excavator, which has received high praise from customers, is the main model launched by XCMG for mining construction. It is one of the best-selling equipment of the same tonnage in Southeast Asia. The XE690DK excavator adopts XCMG's customized special heavy-duty engine, which has high reliability, high responsiveness, strong power and sufficient power reserve. It is suitable for heavy-load working conditions such as mining operations. At the same time, it adopts a mine-reinforced adjustable large chassis. The traction force is greater, the mining operation is smoother, and the transportation is more convenient.


Currently, multiple models including XE690DK have participated in infrastructure, mining, road and other construction projects across Indonesia, injecting strong impetus into local economic development and demonstrating strong brand strength.

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