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RICHMCHN Group's Wonderful Trip to Sanya


On June 11, 2023, Richmchn Group members embarked on an exciting team-building trip with great expectations to explore the beautiful Sanya, Hainan.

On this hot summer morning, Richmchn Group employees came to the tropical paradise of Sanya with great expectations and passion. We came to Sanya Bay on the first day and enjoyed the unparalleled beauty. The blue sky, white sand, and turquoise waters form a beautiful picture. We put on our swimsuits and swam in the clear and transparent waters, enjoying the embrace of the sun and the waves. Everyone built sand castles on the beach, showing the power of creativity and teamwork. In the evening, we enjoyed the wonderful Hainan ethnic customs show and felt the strong cultural atmosphere.

On the second day, we went to the place symbolizing romance and boundaries-Tianya Haijiao, standing on the watchtower of Tianya Haijiao, gazing at the boundless ocean, and feeling the vastness and vastness. We took a group photo here to record the beauty of this moment. Afterwards, we went to Yalong Bay and enjoyed a refreshing water sports. The exciting water skiing, windsurfing, and sea motorboats made us release stress, leaving laughter and fulfilling memories.

On the last day, we explored the food culture of Sanya, tasted fresh seafood such as abalone, lobster, and scallops to satisfy our taste buds, and tasted local specialties such as coconut rice, mango rice, and Hainan chicken rice, and were attracted by their unique flavors. The food tour allowed us to experience Hainan’s unique food culture and enhance team exchanges and communication.

This team-building trip not only allowed us to appreciate the charming scenery of Sanya but also enhanced the team’s cohesion and spirit of cooperation. Everyone overcame difficulties together and helped each other grow. Everyone’s efforts and contributions made the team stronger, and they also made new friends and shared laughter and touching moments.