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RICHMCHN Winter Tour in Changxing Island


On December 9, the Rich Legion embarked on their 2022 annual group trip to Changxing Island in Shanghai. The island was the setting for a thrilling and enjoyable day full of exciting activities.

The thrilling mountain off-road car adventure kicked off, with a 4.5km off-road route that featured occasional mud pits, mud, and grass that flew into the air as the off-road car raced along. The driver enjoyed the excitement of driving an off-road mountain car while the co-driver held on tight to the safety belt and front handle, afraid of being thrown out. A happy day began with the mountain off-road car activity.

After the mountain off-road car adventure, the group enjoyed lunch and a BBQ.

After the BBQ, various mini-games such as a test of mutual understanding and sand-field sentinel, as well as a land curling theme game, were organized under the guidance of the coach.

During the test of mutual understanding, we followed the coach's commands and held hands with our colleagues to form a circle, fully trusting our fellow partners for interaction. In the sand field sentinel, the blindfolded partners trusted their teammates to lead the way, picking up sandbags and moving forward. Let's take a look at our photos together.

The ice-breaking activities ended, and the land curling game began. The strength of the team was immediately displayed as the blue and yellow teams PKed. No one knew the outcome until the end, and anything could happen.