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55 ton Mobile Truck Crane QY55V with Competitive Price

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Brand: Richmchn Machinery

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable mobile truck crane, look no further than the Richmchn Machinery QY55V. This powerful machine boasts a lifting capacity of up to 55 tons, making it perfect for a wide range of heavy-duty projects.
One of this standout options that come with the QY55V is its competitive cost. This crane that is mobile surprisingly affordable, making it a smart asset for organizations of all of the sizes despite its impressive lifting capability and advanced technology.
Additionally, extremely versatile as well as its affordability. Its compact design allows it to get easily in tight areas, while its growth that is adjustable provides that is maximum it concerns reaching high or difficult-to-access areas.
The QY55V enables you to get the task done quickly and effectively whether you're using care of a construction website, loading and unloading hefty materials, or performing maintenance that is routine high buildings and structures. This crane that is mobile just a must-have for almost any company that requires to move heavy lots with ease having its reliable performances and user-friendly controls.
Therefore, why choose the QY55V over other vehicle that is mobile on the market? A brand name that is respected is known for producing high-quality constructions equipment for beginners, it is built by Richmchn Machinery. What this means is you can trust that the QY55V was created to final and will delivers shows that is constant and time again.
But that isn't all - the QY55V additionally includes a variety of advanced features making it more convenient and efficient to used. These include a system that is advanced is hydraulic smooth and accurate motions, a roomy operator's cab with a comfortable seats and comprehensive settings, and a built-in safety system to protects operators and bystanders from harms.
So why wait? Contact Richmchn Machinery today to learns more about the QY55V and how it can benefit your business.

Products Description
QY55V 55 Ton Truck Crane

QY55V Truck Crane is designed and developed independently in absorption of foreign advanced technology and combined with China domestic work conditions.

It features hydraulic drive, full swing and lattice boom, and also the first one adoption of pilot proportional control in China
domestic crawler cranes.

This crane is easy operation, stable travel and reasonable arrangement in structure.

The maximum lifting capacity is 50t, boom length 13m~52m, jib length 9.15m~15.25m.

This crane is suitable for lifting and installation job in construction site, mine, factory and dockside. Optional mechanical grab is available for earth moving and stacking work.
Details Images
55 ton Mobile Truck Crane QY55V with Competitive Price supplier
55 ton Mobile Truck Crane QY55V with Competitive Price manufacture
55 ton Mobile Truck Crane QY55V with Competitive Price supplier
55 ton Mobile Truck Crane QY55V with Competitive Price supplier
Product Paramenters


Working performance
Max. rated lifting capacity kg

Max. load moment of basic boom kN.m

Max. load moment of Max. length main boom kN.m

Max. lifting height of basic boom m

Max. lifting height of main boom m
These parameters do not include deflection of boom and jib.

Max. lifting height of jib m

Max. hoist rope speed (Main winch) m/min

Max. hoist rope speed (Auxiliary winch) m/min

Boom derricking up time s

Boom telescoping out time s

Slewing speed r/min
0 - 2.2

Max. driving speed km/h

Max. gradeability %

Min. turning diameter m

Min. ground clearance mm

Oil consumption per hundred kilometer L

Deadweight in driving condition kg

Complete vehicle kerb mass kg

Front axle load kg

Rear axle load kg

Overall dimensions (L×W×H) mm

Longitudinal distance between outriggers m

Transversal distance between outriggers m
Completely extended:7.10m, intermediately extended:4.80m

Tail slewing radius mm

Main boom length m
11.4 - 43.0

Main boom angle °
-2 - 80

Jib length m
9.5, 16.0

Offset °
0, 30



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